Trauma Treatment

Trauma challenges our most fundamental beliefs about ourselves, others, life, and/or the world. We find ourselves thrust into a new state of being we may feel unequipped to deal with.

Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy is a scientifically validated intervention. Widely researched and applied, it’s been helping people navigate and overcome the diverse cognitive, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal effects of trauma for decades.

At the beginning of treatment, clients are taught mindfulness and relaxation skills that will help them self-soothe, regulate their emotions, and release unresolved grief and other negative emotions. These emotional self-regulation and stress management skills are taught before clients begin sharing and processing traumatic material in a safe, therapeutic environment with a skilled trauma therapist.

Trauma-related thoughts and beliefs are then examined and explored. Those that have been distorted by trauma or other sources are revised, with a view to changing associated symptoms, emotions and behaviors. Emotionally and physically charged material is safely experienced and released. Existential, interpersonal and spiritual approaches are also implemented to help develop a new way of being in the individual’s post-traumatic world.