Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is an easy, accessible way to de-stress and relax. All that’s required is a device to play the meditation on, an undisturbed place in which to meditate, and whatever length of time you’re prepared to devote to it.

Guided meditation is exactly what it sounds like. The meditator (for example, you) listens to a meditation that guides them through spoken words, visualizations, sounds, and/or music, and follows the directions or suggestions of the meditation. It’s wonderfully soothing and relaxing; it can also be focusing, inspiring, and empowering.

Meditations can last a few minutes or longer and are used to achieve all sorts of outcomes, including:

    • deep relaxation
    • mindfulness and self-awareness
    • mind control
    • positive focus and gratitude
    • improved concentration, problem-solving and performance
    • emotional processing and release
    • decreased stress, anxiety and depression
    • heart opening and forgiveness
    • confidence and personal empowerment
    • healing, growth, and development

Through my practice, I lead guided meditations individually and in groups. I also offer guided meditation recordings on my blog, Be Real (